The Algarve

The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal and is currently in an economic and tourist boom. The coastal line of the Algarve stretches over 155 km from east to west and 52 km from south to north. Portimão is located in the coastal part of the Barlavento, also known as “Cliffs of the Algarve”, a 20-50 m high cliff with picturesque formations of yellow and reddish brown limestone and sandstone rocks, long sandy beaches and small coves.


Due to the safe geographical location, and the year-round mild climate with the most sunshine over the year, the Algarve is frequented by an ever-growing number of international visitors and holidaymakers.

Fantastic bathing beaches, one of the most beautiful in Europe, bizarre rock formations, breathtaking caves, idyllic fishing villages and numerous nature reserves surround the southernmost. In the out back, you will experience lush mountain regions, fig and almond trees, orange plantations, vineyards and an overwhelming plant world. Complimented by the Laisser faire and the festive atmosphere in the long southern summer nights, the Algarve offers a relaxing stay for everyone.


Through our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment, we are assuming that the city of Portimão, the Cave Coast and the largely undeveloped out back will thus be able to continue to be the focus of the tourist interest.