About the Rivolé

The home port of the passenger ship “RIVOLÉ” is Portimão.  All licenses for restaurant operation and driving licenses for the coastal region of the Algarve and the open sea are valid.
Due to its particularly robust design for offshore excursions, the “Rivolé” is exceptionally safe for passenger shipping on the Algarve coast of Portugal.
The “Rivolé” has two passenger decks that extend over the entire length of the vessel and provide space for a maximum of 220 passengers.
On the main deck is the kitchen, the restaurant and barrier-free sanitary facilities.
On the upper and sun deck is the navigation bridge, a drinks and coffee bar as well as benches and tables for 120 people.

History of the Rivolé

The Algarve Cruise Ship “RIVOLÉ” was built in 1979 as a fishing vessel made of oak wood with pine planks in Samuel & Filhos shipyard, Vila de Conde in the north of Portugal.
From 1979 to 1992, the vessel was used in fisheries off the West Coast of Africa with Sesimbra in Portugal as its home port.
In 1993 the previous owner bought the ship, brought it to Portimao and converted it into a passenger ship where it was working in collaboration with well-known travel agencies from many European countries.
The “RIVOLÉ” has been very successful in driving along the coast of the Algarve, from Portimão to Lagos and Sagres, the south-western cape of Europe or heading east to Albufeira. In the evening hours, it was laid out as a restaurant ship in the harbour of Portimão.
The company Santa Bernarda Cruzeiros Ltd. acquired the “RIVOLÉ” by buying the company  Viagens Barlavento Ltd.

“Rivolé” before renovation
Control center
Upper deck
Upper deck “Bar”
Middle deck
Bar front
Kitchen sink
Behind the bar
Electrical power control
Main engines

Usage plan after completion

After completion of all conversion and modernization work, the “RIVOLÉ” will be put into operation again for the shipping and restaurant operations.

Thanks to its superior comfort, the ship can be operated all year round. The descriptions of the timetables and routes can be found under TOUR PROGRAM.


21.03. 2017 Start online Crowdfunding, Indiegogo

01.05. 2017 End online Crowdfunding, Indiegogo

31.05. 2017 Launch of the “Rivolé”, Cais Diogo Silves

31.12. 2017 Completion “Rivolé”

15.02.2018 Jungfernfahrt

Technical Details

Since 2015, the “RIVOLÉ” has been located at the shipyard in Portimão and is completely overhauled. The overall appearance will differ significantly from the previous one.
The vessel has the following dimensions: Length: 29.75 m, Width: 7.10 m, Depth: 3.30 m ..
The drive is carried out with two Cummins diesel engines with 370 hp each and with 2 shafts and screws, generator: 2 x 40 KVA Electric 220V / 380V .. All engines and technology are modernized.
The two engines, two diesel generators, the hydraulic steering systems, water pump systems, sewage and ventilation systems, diesel tanks, fresh water and gray water tanks and ballastare are installed in the bilge. There are berths for the crew in the bow and stern area.
For the planned restaurant operation, the “RIVOLÉ” on the main deck has a completely newly equipped stainless steel kitchen with all accessories.

Investment plan

The Rivolé is at present under Restoration, to bring the ship to the newest state of the art, safety, comfort, communication and update its environmental compatibility.

  • All ready invested capital, purchase of the ship and repairs: 150.000,00 €
  • EU support program, “Algarve 2020”, as loan: 350.000,00 €
  • Amount of the total investment: 640.000€

By July 2017  490,000.00€ will be invested.
The ship’s value after completion is approx.  785,000.00€ according to expert opinions.

Construction development